Watch My Sister Tipper Newton on EVERY TV Show!!!

I am so excited, my fraternal twin sister, Tipper is taking Hollywood by storm.

EVERY week she is going to be on a television show.

EVERY week I find out that she’s on a new show! I turn on the tv and bam there she is!!!

Catch Tipper on The Mindy Project available NOW on HULU.

TIPPY copy

Tipper portrays Karen, a young lesbian receptionist who literally comes out of the closet on the show!  She also showcases her rad musical skills, plays the ukulele and sings.  Watch her have a special emotional moment on this last weeks episode!

TP copyOn Love Season two episode two, on NETFLIX NOW! Tipper plays a midwestern girl at a bar who stands up for women’s rights and tells this guy off. Don’t let that sweet smile fool you.  She would cut a bitch if she had to.

So excited for Tipper!  Get ready for her appearance on The Guest Book on TBS this fall!

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