My latest piece for The Observer and all kinds of fun news!!

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A Divorcee Toughens Up


I’ve been super fortunate that The Observer has given me the opportunity to write for them.  Thanks to Jotham Sederstrom for introducing me to Ken Kurson who put me in touch with the amazing Sarah Kennedy who makes everything look spectacular.

I’m so glad I had my work published in The Observer when it was salmon colored, then it moved to white, and now it’s digital which means even more content will be coming out to look forward to!!

Stay tuned for next week’s piece…it’s a good one!


“It’s Going To Be Okay”

Funny how this popped up in my Facebook “memories” today of all days.

I am an optimistic person and I’ve found it’s more productive to be that way.

So let’s all get along and everything will be okay.

I cannot take credit for this piece, click to read it, in it’s entirety.  It’s pretty amazing.


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What’s Your Motivation?

Has anyone ever shared information with you, that perhaps you’d be better off not knowing?

It makes you ask why they decided to reveal news to you, that could potentially really hurt your feelings.

So yes, I’ll dwell on it, but I’ll be over it by the morning.  I’ll forgive it, but I won’t forget it.

So I give no more, and no less than I’ve been.  If what you revealed to me tonight made you feel better about yourself and me worse- and that’s what you set out to accomplish- good for you.