Harper Lee…

Being a writer myself, I tend to know a lot of writers.

They’re all fantastic, creative, crazy -in an amazing way, great people.

Some of the only things in common that I have with these people: We’re all very different individuals who write about vastly things, but we share the same passion of going out there and trying to make our mark by whatever.

It’s a competitive world, no matter what profession you’re in.  I’m fortunate that I have a career I enjoy tremendously, that gives me the freedom to write, and sometimes I’m given a chance to write about what I do which is fulfilling.

Although Harper Lee was known for To Kill A Mockingbird, only recently released Go Set a Watchman.  There’s the rumor of another unpublished manuscript of hers floating around.

Regardless if that supposed manuscript ever gets published, the way I choose to see it?

I’d rather have one or two spectacular pieces of mine published-we’re talking book wise-than twenty not so amazing ones.  I admire anyone who has the patience and determination to make it in the literary world because it’s a tough one.

I feel like a lot of pressure is put upon authors…to “hurry up” and get “something” out there.  It’s pressure I put on myself, and I know others are the same.

So let’s not be hard on ourselves, and I know I’m left with a lot of inspiration and hope from Harper Lee.