All of this boycotting award ceremonies and craziness happening in the world is a little much.

Julie Deply says the hardest job in Hollywood is being a “woman”.

I disagree.  The hardest job in the world is being a human being.  Everyone goes through hard times.

It’s an honor to be nominated for an award, and to win it’s amazing.

It’s not everything though.

You win and it’s a pretty incredible feeling-my husband won an Emmy.  It’s an unreal feeling, to even be nominated, and then when you win it’s like you’ve hit the jackpot.

Then what is next?  What other awards can you strive for?  What pressure will you put on yourself to win more and more.

I used to do pageants as many of you know.  I was Miss Omaha (America System) a VERY long time ago.

I was very young and from what I was told, I was lucky, likeable, and gave a good interview and sang “Cabaret” as my talent and I did great.

BUT, had it been another day, a different group of judges…maybe I wouldn’t have won at all.

We were constantly told that the only real competition you have in pageants is being the best YOU you can be.  Are you at the top of your game and your potential?  Put on your blinders and don’t focus on what the other people are doing-do your best for you.

The end result of a pageant comes down to a group of people-the judges-and what their personal opinion on someone is.  Maybe you look like an ex-girlfriend of one of the male judges, and it causes some kind of resentment which could lead to you not winning or placing, and it’s something that is out of your control.  Maybe you look like someone’s sister and that’s a good thing and you advance.  I’ve been on a panel of judges before.  Judges are regular people just like you and me.  One group of judges could pick an entirely different winner than another panel of judges.

Ultimately it comes down to a small group of people who have somehow been given the power to make decisions.  These decisions: who wins a pageant, a Pulitzer, and yes-those big Hollywood awards people as well who are in “The Academy” and what not.

Many of us are not privy to the inner workings of awards and what goes into the process and the how, what and why’s of it.

Yes, it’s great to win.  But a crown won’t get you too far in life, but it CAN give you a boost in the right direction, and then it’s up to the individual on the next steps in their life they take.  A statuette is amazing!  It’s fun to look at and makes you feel like a million bucks, it’s a tangible object that represents an amazing achievement, and can evoke awesome feelings when looked at or touched.

We give these things immense power and yes it’s an honor.

Some people let these things get to their heads and become snobby.

BUT it doesn’t make you better or worse than someone else.  My husband still works his ass off.  We were not invited to join the Illuminati, nothing like that.

Yes this is a complete cliche, but winning isn’t everything.  If anything it can change things, and with change comes good and bad.  Do not assume that any kind of award is going to make you except from any hardships.

And yes, this does sound cheesy, but winning won’t make you happy.  If you weren’t happy before you won, you may be happy for a little while, but awards don’t prevent you from getting sick and do not give you a free pass.

Everyone is equal, award or not, crown or not.  Trophy or not.


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