Hair and Makeup! Upcoming Trends, Do’s and Dont’s for 2016…

As mentioned on New Years Live With John Hill! On Radio Andy

RA copy

I’ve got you covered from head to toe…

Hair and Makeup

MALA copy

Mala Elhassen, New York based hair and makeup artist shares popular picks for 2016.

Wide variety for hair.  The Ombre is still hot, along with balayage highlights and vibrant other hues.

hairs copy


Smoky Eyes with a nude lip…

jess copyasian copy

Olivia copy

Or bold lips with bare eyes…

Lip copy

rhi copy

And copy

It’s a toss up when it comes to lash extensions…some say they’re here to stay…others say no way.

fakelash copy

And au natural…

natlash copy

Unless you’re doing a pageant or prepping for a drag show, ease up with the contouring.

face copyMU copy

Your skin will thank you for no longer suffocating it with makeup.

However cheek contouring is perfectly acceptable…

con copy

conn copy

As for glitter…proceed with caution.  Known as the Herpes of makeup and craft supplies, it’s been around forever, it’s impossible get rid of, and it doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere anytime soon.


If you must go for glitter, do it right!

Emily Orfino from Popsugar explains how to look like class, not trash with these glam glitter tips.

Almost anything goes with nails, Samantha Netkin from Popsugar predicts all kinds of fun with fingertips in 2016.


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