Fashion Trends of 2016!

RA copy

Fashion Trends 2016!

Thanks to fabulous fashion and celebrity stylist, Christina Pacelli, here are a few things to keep in mind when accessorizing in the New Year! Step out in style!

Pantone has announced not one, but two colors this year! Pantone copy 2

Great for nails, makeup, clothes, and baby showers!

Forget comfort-it’s about looking good. Lace them up and step on out!

Boot3 copyBoot2 copyBoots copy

Chokers are in for a comeback…

Choker copy

Wide brimmed hats…work it out…

hats copy


Fishnets copy

Madonna does it in her own way…

Mnets copy

Simple and elegant T from Tiffany Collection is on point!

Tiffany copy

Bad news bears, but the below are O U T….

Visible nude and white bra straps are a no go…

BRA copy

BA copy 2

Maybe I’ve been in denial…but Christina has confirmed Uggs are dead.

Ugg copy

I’ll keep mine in the closet just in case…you never know.

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