Modern Friendships, by Phillip Lopate…

World Of Randi

I haven’t been sure exactly on what to post this past week.  It’s been a bit crazy.

One thing that comes to mind is an essay that The New School had us read in a summer non-fiction writers intensive course I took about seven years ago.

That class saved my life that summer (thanks Mom and Dad for helping me attend) and I’m happy that I made a small number of friends that I’ve kept in touch with since then, and stepped on a path leading in the right direction.

I remember bits and pieces of that time, but what I really remember is this essay called Modern Friendships by Phillip Lopate. You can read it in it’s entirety by clicking that link.

Summarizing, it’s about…well…modern friendships.

You want your friends to celebrate happy moments with you, vice versa, and when things get tough you’ll give them a shoulder…

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