Staying in Shape for the Holidays…

It’s a struggle over the holidays…mainly because I want to eat everything I see. Especially side dishes. Forget the Turkey, Tofurkey, or whatever else is there. I’m all about the stuffing, mashed potatoes, and bread with lots of butter.
I’ve mentally and physically prepared for the holidays.

I want to give my friend Rania a special shout out. She’s working with Beachbody and it has changed her life. She looks amazing and feels amazing.

I’ve tried Beachbody programs and products before and listen people, they totally WORK!

Their best product, in my opinion, is Shakeology. It’s the ONLY “shake” product I’ve ever tried that’s tasted more like a dessert, than a “Healthy” gross tasting product.

You can also make desserts with Shakeology! Seriously…I may make a chocolate pie with mine in a pre-made crust. I just have to limit myself to one piece…or maybe two…. 😉

To check out what Rania’s up to, and to experience the magic of Shakeology-click here.

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