Technical Difficulties…

My Mac Book has died a quick death.  It’s about five years old, I got it originally as part of celebrating my sobriety and for work.  The question now is do I get the battery replaced, because there are things I need on it, things that are irreplaceable-but then again, I could start over from scratch-I have my most important documents saved and backed up.

I’m using my husband’s laptop.  It’s awesome but the “0” doesn’t work-we have to write zero or cut and paste it (I recommend using wikipedia for numbers you cannot type if you find yourself in a similar situation.

So for now, my laptop usage has been pretty minimal.  Back to normal soon.

Red Bull…Bull Sh*t!

I’m sure everyone has heard about Red Bull offering $10 to people due to false advertising or $15 worth of product merchandise.  More about that HERE.

I’m sorry, but I think everyone who has read my blog could unanimously agree that I have spent WAY more than $10 on Red Bull.  for all of the blogging I did about the product, on my on accord and probably cracked out on Red Bull.  I’m happy to say I do not drink it anymore, I had half a can at Vivid Cabaret a few months ago and was like…ehhh….not so much.

Perhaps if I feel like it, I’ll email them links to my blogs professing my love for the product.  Other than that…not much going on at this precise moment in the world of Randi…but stay tuned.