Passing on this beautiful status update…

My dear husband wrote this status update after Robin Williams passed away.  So beautifully written, I’m sharing it with you:



Then another friend, put up this quote from Robin Williams about addiction:


Yeah, addiction is a BITCH.  Depression is horrific.  I’ve dealt with both.  I once said to a doctor, “I wish depression was like a broken arm.  You know it’s going to be broken for awhile, then it heals.”

Not everything works that way.

I never met Robin Williams.  I saw him in person at FAO Schwartz with his kids about 20 years ago.  He was just doing what any normal dad would be doing with their kids at a toy store, spending time with them.  He has these magical eyes that were filled with electricity.  Maybe we made eye contact for a split second, that was that, and I thought it was cool.

I don’t have any personal stories about doing improv with him, or even having a conversation with him…I guess what I’m trying to say, that recovery is an ongoing process regarding addiction and depression.  You DO think you’re fine, then the next thing you know it’s maybe not.










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