Conor Oberst’s Rape Accuser Admits She Was Lying…

Rape is not a funny thing to joke about.  It’s especially not a cool thing to lie about.

Perhaps the woman who accused Conor Oberst of rape was intoxicated when she felt compelled to say that Conor sexually violated her when she was a teenager in the comments section of an article on XoJane.  In a notarized statement she said she was basically crying for attention when she made those comments because she was dealing with her son’s illness.

I hope this woman is getting help for her actions that have caused a messy ripple effect.  I’m not even going to mention her name because she doesn’t deserve anymore attention than she’s already gotten.

I personally know two males who were falsely accused of rape, similar situations.  One lost his job because of it, and even though everything was eventually resolved, the emotional damage wasn’t, and probably never will be.

This is simply a post saying that lying about rape is not an okay thing.  There is absolutely nothing cool about rape and sexual assault.  Do you think it’s cool going to get a rape kit?  Because it certainly is not, and many are too scared to even do that.  A lot of people have dealt with it, and been traumatized by it, and many are too terrified to even report the incidents to the police.

What did this woman get from all of this?  Certainly attention, and a lawsuit, and she’s probably getting a lot of hate e-mails.

I’m glad things have been set straight, and as always I’m wishing you the best Conor.


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