My Latest Piece on The NY Observer…The Color of Money.

The Color of Money: Do Blondes, Brunettes or Redheads Make the Most Tips?

By Randi Newton | 06/26/14 4:12pm


Grabbed by a touch of whimsy, I recently decided to bleach my hair platinum blonde. Shouldn’t every woman try it once, I thought? Also, O.K., I’m going gray, so a full bleach job seemed like a good way to conceal it.

I called my hairdresser, Mala Elhassen of Carlo Marco Studio in the West Village, and booked the journey to the la-la land of Marilyn-hued blondes. The result was thrilling. I breezed on to the street feeling sassed to the nines.

“You’re going to get a lot of attention,” Mala warned as I strode off to the train.

“Hey, blondie,” said a passing guy.

“Hi, baby,” said another.

What is it, 1980? I wondered. Maybe being blond is a time-travelling device. A few others leered at me—some cute, some not so. The real test would be at my night job: bottle-service waitress at a Midtown nightclub. Would being blonde be profitable?


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