My first piece on!

My first piece for this amazing site! Thank you Anna David!!  

I think most of my close friends had their suspicions, so now I’m coming clean about it…and clean of WalFlu!

Next week, I’ll hit my five-year anniversary of when I entered outpatient and gave up alcohol.

I think it’s normal for people to feel a myriad of emotions around their anniversary. I get nervous that I might relapse by accident, I become excited about what I’ve accomplished during my five years and I also have the terrifying feeling of “Oh my God!  This sober stuff is hard work.” I also reflect back on hitting my bottom and remember the feeling of it more prominently than at other times of the year. It’s like I’m looking back on someone who was a completely different and miserable person and I’m still in shock that I managed to turn things around.

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Happy to be cold medicine free!


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