Five Years!

Today marks my fifth anniversary of sobriety.

Usually I post something really vague this time of year about this date, but now, I realize how much this important change I made saved my life and changed it.

Here are some frequently asked questions I get about sobriety:

Is it hard?

YES.  It can be very difficult at times, but thanks to therapy, an amazing group of friends, and of course my incredible husband, Eric Miclette, it makes it bearable…

Do you ever miss drinking? Do you ever think you’ll drink again?

No I do not miss drinking alcohol.  I certainly had my fair share of fire water, so no I don’t miss it.

As for drinking again, I do not plan on doing so.  In recovery, although I don’t attend 12 step meetings-I do believe in “one day at a time”.

Can’t you have just one drink? Like on the weekends?

NO.  It does not work that way.  Google it.

Don’t you get bored?


How did you do it?

I went to an outpatient rehab facility and was given medication to prevent seizures (yes, I was drinking THAT MUCH) There was no type of intervention situation.  I decided I needed to stop.  I quit saying, “I’m going to stop drinking.” and I just went and got help.

It wasn’t anything like you see on television.  You go in, they take vitals, they give you some medicine, then you’re out within 20 minutes-and a bunch of money later, your body can be physically detoxed within 3-4 days.

The hard part is the mental aspect of it, and changing habits and patterns.  I have lost friends over my decision to stop drinking.  This wasn’t really a choice I made.  There were some friends who I did nothing but drink with, so we had nothing in common when I stopped.  There were some other friends who just disappeared, which was extremely sad, but life goes on.

I think I’m actually more fun now, than when I was drinking…

Any other FAQ’s? I’m happy to answer.  

Now to celebrate with Cheeseburgers, bad television and a night off. 



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