Updates on the “promised” Jenna Jameson follow-up interview…

I feel that this is an appropriate time to finally update, and close the door on the Jenna Jameson fiasco I dealt with for over the past five months.


After the article on Jenna ran on LA WEEKLY. I received a phone call from Jenna and her manager/friend Allen Meme. She said she had contacted her attorney and that we needed to talk.

I called back and the three of us spoke on the phone for about 30 minutes. A lot was said during that conversation.

Originally, Jenna told me herself that she would “drop everything” to do an interview to clear things up.

Well…did I really think that would finally happen? I had hoped, but I knew better. Once again…I gave her chance after chance, after CHANCE….and nothing. Publications WERE interested. She didn’t take the opportunity for whatever reasons she had. They lost interest, but I’ve gotten several questions about the aftermath of the article and the recent press that she’s gotten. So here you go.

From my perspective, if someone really wants to tell their side of the story, and their manager keeps telling the media, “She’s happy now, she’s sober…” If they cannot make the time to speak for themselves…something doesn’t add up. Make the appearance, clear things up. Take advantage of the MULTIPLE media outlets that gave you the chance to do so. Keep your word. You’re only as good as your word, and Jenna doesn’t follow through-unless it has to do with making hateful comments to others on Instagram What’s the holdup?

I know this is a sensitive topic, but it has to be discussed: The children.

Again, the actions speak louder than words. One can say how much they love their children, but when it comes to physically showing up for court dates, and making an effort to see them-those words don’t mean ANYTHING if you do not follow through.

This is my tough love and advice for Jenna:

If you don’t want to be present in your children’s lives-which seems to be the case by your behavior, just own up to these faults and admit it.

I don’t think I’m the only one who feels this way. Correct me if I’m wrong.

I think people would have a lot more respect for the situation if one could actually admit:

“I’m not in the right place to be a mother at this point in my life.”

As for addiction issues, it’s something I’ve struggled with myself. I know from experience that if you’re not ready to get clean and sober, you won’t. You’ll continue self-medicating, and your tolerance will be through the roof which makes for a fatal overdose to become a very scary reality.

You will wait until you hit your bottom, and you will either pull yourself out of it, or you won’t…and then it may be too late and that dreaded phone call will go out to friends and family letting them know someone they loved because a statistic to addiction.

The one question I wanted an answer from Jenna?

What kind of legacy would you like to leave behind?

Right now, that legacy: Photos on Instagram, saying one thing and doing another (or not doing anything at all).

I feel particularly sad as I write this. Nothing anyone will say, or do can make an addict change their ways. It’s something they can only do themselves.

The thought of a life without alcohol or substances can be a terrifying thought. What’s even more terrifying is not giving yourself a chance.

Every passing moment is a chance to turn things around.

The next time we hear about Jenna in the media. I honestly have no idea what will be said. I know what I hope for, but I also know all too well what the actual reality could be.

So there…closing the door on this. Jenna, if you don’t like what I’ve said, maybe because it’s the truth. I’ve given you multiple chances. My intention was to help. As much as you may hate me, you have my number if you want to talk, not for an interview, but for advice or help.  Beware of enablers around you.

All the best.

Randi Newton


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