All about eyelashes!

I’ve been without eyelash extensions for months now, and Latisse is working well.  So this is just a vapid beauty blog entry.

Almay is great and all, but I was really pleasantly surprised with Alba Botanica Hawaiian Makeup Remover Sheets, and they were only $3.99 at Whole Foods.

I’m attracted to anything that says “Hawaii” on it, so that did it for me:


It also smells like Pineapple.  My mascara came off so easily I was SHOCKED.

In addition to Dior Show Mascara, They’re Real by Benefit is completely amazing as well, but NON-Waterproof mascara is better for the eyelashes.

I found this great primer from Lancome Cils Booster

623538848_1653090226You apply it before mascara, let it dry for a bit, then apply as many coats as you want.

I wasn’t really sold on lash primer until I saw other women wearing it, and they told me that was the secret to their successful looking lush lashes.

If Lancome is beyond your price point, Elf has a decent primer as well, for $3.00….BUT, it takes longer for it to dry before you apply mascara.


Okay.  This is my beauty advice for the day…do with it what you will.

ALSO, it’s not good to sleep in mascara, but I figure no worse than constantly wearing lash extensions.  Thanks to mascara primer I could easily wear and sleep in mascara for 3 days!!! (if I really wanted to…and yes, maybe I did that.)




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