Facebookless for a few days now…OH and a kind of recap of “Lindsay” on OWN…

If you watch Lindsay on OWN, last week Oprah went to visit Lindsay Lohan in Long Island at her Mom’s house, a few days after her mom, Dina, got a DUI.

Everyone’s hair and makeup looked great!


But that’s not the point of this blog post.  The point is that Oprah said to Lindsay: “There are a lot of vultures waiting to pick at your bones…” (something to that effect) insinuating that if Lindsay decided to quit the show (she obviously didn’t) that a lot of people wouldn’t be surprised and attack.

What did I take from this episode?

Everytime I tell someone I’m off of Facebook they tell me I won’t “make it”, as if it’s some life or death thing.  Well I don’t want vultures picking at my bones (even though it’s a WAY different scenario than what Lindsay is dealing with)!  I want to make it for at least a full week, or two.

I do miss only a small portion of my so called “friends” on Facebook.  If you’re trying to reach me, there’s always Twitter, Instagram, and the comment section on this blog.

The other thing I learned from watching Lindsay?  I REALLY want to clean out my closets!  That girl has so much stuff and I felt like it was an episode of “Celebrity Hoarders”.  Also, she lived in a hotel for almost 50 days before she got her apartment.

I’ve been more productive with writing, keeping up with this blog and finding other things to obsess about.

That’s it for now…more to come…

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