Smoke and Mirrors…

So if anything, being off of social media (for ONE day, so far) has made me more active and productive…slowly but surely.

I think one of the reasons I was most frustrated was from seeing how fabulous everything appeared to be.

“Did you leave Facebook because it’s not real?” a friend texted me.

I thought that was a really good valid point.  Facebook is not “real” in the sense that if you’re having a really crappy day, you’re not likely to post about it, then again some people do.  It’s really a place to present the best version of who you want to be.

I read this article today that my husband sent me about L’ Wren Scott’s suicide. 

It’s easy to “create the illusion” of being rich and fabulous, but the upkeep can really take a toll on one’s self.

I had a friend ask me a very serious question the other day:

“Why don’t you see if you can buy half of the club you work at?”

He was dead serious.  We were at a nice restaurant, and it was my turn to pick up the tab and it was getting pretty expensive and I was panicking on the inside.

I avoided answering that question.  I don’t like to discuss finances, but I do not have enough to purchase commercial real estate in New York City, but if I’ve created the illusion that I do, well, then maybe I’ve achieved part of the whole “glitzy act” that can be expected of a certain scene in Manhattanimages-8.


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