Review for 28 Day Mascara-aka-life can be disappointing.

28 Day Mascara by Godfrey isn’t BAD.  It’s just disappointing.

It is GOOD, if you know that all you’re getting are darker lashes, not thicker or longer.


It worked.  It worked great on my brown eyelashes.  If you have blonde lashes this is SO worth the purchase, just keep the dye on a bit longer than the instructions say.

How to make it work BETTER:

Go to Sephora and grab a handful of those disposable mascara wands.  Follow the instructions, and apply the dye to your lashes as if it’s mascara that you can not get in your eyeball or face.  You won’t go blind from using this stuff, but it may cause a little stinging.

28 Day Mascara worked.  It gave me the results it promised. Darker eyelashes.  I am being a baby in saying that I was hoping my eyelashes would magically grow from using this.  That’s not what’s promised at all.

So I continue to use Latisse and dye my lashes and consider lash transplants (I probably will not) as much as I dream of luxurious lashes, I’m not going as far to have a transplant for them.

More to come.

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