Luxury Problems: How to Have Amazing Eyelashes.

Here is yet another superficial beauty related blog as I procrastinate on my manuscript (don’t worry Jim, it’s coming along nicely).

So I gave up eyelash extension probably six weeks ago, because let’s get real ladies.  Eventually there will come a time where you WILL have to stop.  You will be cut off from the eyelash extension place you frequent (I was last year) because they said they cared about the condition of my real eyelashes. Considering the amount of cash I was dropping there, I really thought it was considerate of them to “cut me off”….then of course I came running back like a little bitch a year later where I was welcome with a lot of bowing, hugging and a welcome back discount.

I’ve been using Latisse and it’s working…slowly but surely and costs slightly more than my monthly extension habit was, I’m open to other products as well.  So if you know of any…let me know!  I use Loreal Serum during the day on my lashes hoping that will boost them.  TIP:  The Loreal product is HALF the price on as an add on item, FYI!

Now what I’m about to tell you is NOT something I think is something you should try unless you’re VERY careful.  A friend of mine suggested I dye my lashes using Just For Men-which is what I use for my eyebrows.

So I did using one of those mascara wands you can get from any beauty supply store, and it involved 20 minutes of my time and it was scary.   I did not go blind, but I was a little nervous.  Eyelashes ARE NOT SAFE TO DYE YOURSELF.  But I did it, despite the risk of blindness, and they look darker, but I still need mascara, and I will continue to use Latisse.

I’m usually against waterproof mascara, even though it’s great to sleep in, but after talking to my friend Ana who’s an expert at Sephora in Columbus Circle-I swear by “They’re Real!” by Benefit.  If anyone has something BETTER than that, let me know.imgres-4

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