Facebookless for a few days now…OH and a kind of recap of “Lindsay” on OWN…

If you watch Lindsay on OWN, last week Oprah went to visit Lindsay Lohan in Long Island at her Mom’s house, a few days after her mom, Dina, got a DUI.

Everyone’s hair and makeup looked great!


But that’s not the point of this blog post.  The point is that Oprah said to Lindsay: “There are a lot of vultures waiting to pick at your bones…” (something to that effect) insinuating that if Lindsay decided to quit the show (she obviously didn’t) that a lot of people wouldn’t be surprised and attack.

What did I take from this episode?

Everytime I tell someone I’m off of Facebook they tell me I won’t “make it”, as if it’s some life or death thing.  Well I don’t want vultures picking at my bones (even though it’s a WAY different scenario than what Lindsay is dealing with)!  I want to make it for at least a full week, or two.

I do miss only a small portion of my so called “friends” on Facebook.  If you’re trying to reach me, there’s always Twitter, Instagram, and the comment section on this blog.

The other thing I learned from watching Lindsay?  I REALLY want to clean out my closets!  That girl has so much stuff and I felt like it was an episode of “Celebrity Hoarders”.  Also, she lived in a hotel for almost 50 days before she got her apartment.

I’ve been more productive with writing, keeping up with this blog and finding other things to obsess about.

That’s it for now…more to come…

Smoke and Mirrors…

So if anything, being off of social media (for ONE day, so far) has made me more active and productive…slowly but surely.

I think one of the reasons I was most frustrated was from seeing how fabulous everything appeared to be.

“Did you leave Facebook because it’s not real?” a friend texted me.

I thought that was a really good valid point.  Facebook is not “real” in the sense that if you’re having a really crappy day, you’re not likely to post about it, then again some people do.  It’s really a place to present the best version of who you want to be.

I read this article today that my husband sent me about L’ Wren Scott’s suicide. 

It’s easy to “create the illusion” of being rich and fabulous, but the upkeep can really take a toll on one’s self.

I had a friend ask me a very serious question the other day:

“Why don’t you see if you can buy half of the club you work at?”

He was dead serious.  We were at a nice restaurant, and it was my turn to pick up the tab and it was getting pretty expensive and I was panicking on the inside.

I avoided answering that question.  I don’t like to discuss finances, but I do not have enough to purchase commercial real estate in New York City, but if I’ve created the illusion that I do, well, then maybe I’ve achieved part of the whole “glitzy act” that can be expected of a certain scene in Manhattanimages-8.


How to Quickly Deactivate Facebook…

I recently deactivated my Facebook account.  It’s disgusting how vulnerable I feel about it.  Even more disgusting how much I was depending on it for, well….validation and entertainment.

Then again, if anyone cares to get in touch with me, it’s pretty easy.Rottenecards_61132045_tg9gpts7j2

I’m hoping this will make me much more productive, and I’m hoping I can “survive” without it for at least a week.  I’ll be back, just not sure when, but not super soon.

Follow me on Twitter…I’m still there….

Review for 28 Day Mascara-aka-life can be disappointing.

28 Day Mascara by Godfrey isn’t BAD.  It’s just disappointing.

It is GOOD, if you know that all you’re getting are darker lashes, not thicker or longer.


It worked.  It worked great on my brown eyelashes.  If you have blonde lashes this is SO worth the purchase, just keep the dye on a bit longer than the instructions say.

How to make it work BETTER:

Go to Sephora and grab a handful of those disposable mascara wands.  Follow the instructions, and apply the dye to your lashes as if it’s mascara that you can not get in your eyeball or face.  You won’t go blind from using this stuff, but it may cause a little stinging.

28 Day Mascara worked.  It gave me the results it promised. Darker eyelashes.  I am being a baby in saying that I was hoping my eyelashes would magically grow from using this.  That’s not what’s promised at all.

So I continue to use Latisse and dye my lashes and consider lash transplants (I probably will not) as much as I dream of luxurious lashes, I’m not going as far to have a transplant for them.

More to come.

Sleep Problems: What Works for Insomnia…Tryptophan side effects, and other things.

I’ve blogged about the magical powers of Tryptophan before, but alas all good things must come to an end at some point.  Click on the link above for a less scientific way to understand how it works.

As we all know everything is good in moderation, but since the body does produce and receive tryptophan from Turkey, Milk, etc…it’s possible to overdo it.

My personal experience with the product has been great!  I’ve tried several different brands, and have my faves.  HOWEVER, one of the side effects would leave me waking up with a bad headache, AND I would have the most vivid dreams. (not sexy dreams) Dreams involving intense time travel, and visiting people from my childhood, but in the dreams there was always some kind of dilemma or struggle-nothing crazy or horrific.  Usually in the time travel dreams, I would get in trouble because I would would go back in time with a group of fellow journalist friends, and had plans to create fashion week, I was going to make a living off of placing bets on sporting events.  Then I was going to try and break into the music scene by becoming a Four Seasons’ groupie and “writing” their songs for them.  Of course during this dream, I brought my cell phone back into the 1950’s (or whatever year pre-mobile devices), and we were being followed by the FBI, and I woke up before we had to travel back into the future.

I blame this dream on Stephen King’s fascinating novel 11/22/63.  Sadly, my main objective in the dream was NOT saving a president, but creating fashion week and plagiarism of music.  My husband says I’ve been saying weird things in my sleep.  So…needless to say, I’ll be on hiatus from Tryptophan.

I had a similar reaction from Trazodone about eight years ago, a drug which is actually VERY helpful to some suffering from insomnia, but you must get a prescription.  It’s also extremely cheap even if you do not have insurance.

Will I try Melatonin?  I have not in years.  Valerian Root scares me.

So wish me luck as I search for the next best sleeping aid.  I’m eyeing Sleep Well Gummies .  I just need to make sure I do not binge eat the entire bottle.



Luxury Problems: How to Have Amazing Eyelashes.

Here is yet another superficial beauty related blog as I procrastinate on my manuscript (don’t worry Jim, it’s coming along nicely).

So I gave up eyelash extension probably six weeks ago, because let’s get real ladies.  Eventually there will come a time where you WILL have to stop.  You will be cut off from the eyelash extension place you frequent (I was last year) because they said they cared about the condition of my real eyelashes. Considering the amount of cash I was dropping there, I really thought it was considerate of them to “cut me off”….then of course I came running back like a little bitch a year later where I was welcome with a lot of bowing, hugging and a welcome back discount.

I’ve been using Latisse and it’s working…slowly but surely and costs slightly more than my monthly extension habit was, I’m open to other products as well.  So if you know of any…let me know!  I use Loreal Serum during the day on my lashes hoping that will boost them.  TIP:  The Loreal product is HALF the price on Amazon.com as an add on item, FYI!

Now what I’m about to tell you is NOT something I think is something you should try unless you’re VERY careful.  A friend of mine suggested I dye my lashes using Just For Men-which is what I use for my eyebrows.

So I did using one of those mascara wands you can get from any beauty supply store, and it involved 20 minutes of my time and it was scary.   I did not go blind, but I was a little nervous.  Eyelashes ARE NOT SAFE TO DYE YOURSELF.  But I did it, despite the risk of blindness, and they look darker, but I still need mascara, and I will continue to use Latisse.

I’m usually against waterproof mascara, even though it’s great to sleep in, but after talking to my friend Ana who’s an expert at Sephora in Columbus Circle-I swear by “They’re Real!” by Benefit.  If anyone has something BETTER than that, let me know.imgres-4