Phillip Seymour Hoffman

I’m getting ready to go on a cross country flight with NO wifi.  I knew I should’ve picked Virgin or Delta…but seriously.

Phillip Seymour Hoffman.  Seriously amazing and talented individual.  He was sober for over 20 years, and fell back into addiction.  People say, “Well that’s a waste of talent.”  It’s unfortunate, but it’s more of a loss.  A horrible sad loss.  Many people who don’t know about addiction and it’s struggles can’t grasp the reality that it’s a LIFE LONG struggle.  Yes you can go get help, go to rehab.  But pardon my French, It’s FUCKING HARD.

You can get help and get support and attend meetings but addiction is something that’s varies from person to person.  It’s never easy.

Let’s get this very clear.  You go to rehab, you leave=you are cured.

NO, you are not magically cured, you may have detoxed from the substances you’ve abused and leaned on in the past, but you have to always be on your toes and 100% aware of your surroundings.  It is not easy.  There are still the emotional issues that brought you to your addiction to begin with.  When you’re clean and sober you’re fully aware of what’s going on around you and it can be terrifying to deal with no matter how many days, months, and years of sobriety you have.

It’s an on-going process and something you have to be aware of on a daily basis.


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