How To Remove Eyelash Extensions at Home…and get your real lashes “back to normal”…

Well today I finally made the decision to remove my eyelash extensions.  I know, I know, this is SO important.

Most people say you can not “do it yourself” but in reality you can.

My lash extensions were finally reaching the end of their glory.  I still would get compliments daily on them, but if one would look closer, you’d be able to see gaps and patches.

I see nothing wrong with eyelash extensions, I LOVE them, but it’s really good to give your real lashes a break from time to time.  Now was that time.

You need an oil based makeup remover to do this.  I prefer Almay.  Make sure it is NOT the oil free kind.  You can even use baby oil, but make sure the pad you remove it with isn’t “cottony”, it will be a little more painful and pull your lashes more.



So gently start rubbing one of the remover pads towards the base of your lash line, and they will start coming off like there’s no tomorrow!  BE CAREFUL though, and do not pull at them.  No matter how gentle you are in doing this, your eyes may look a little puffy after, and that’s only temporary!  This make take a few times to get all of the lashes off.  I waited until my were somewhat sparse before I did this.  There are a few strays that you can use a nail clipper to CAREFULLY cut off any extremely long ones (I had to because mine border on “drag” looking).

So sadly my extensions are gone and my real lashes look teeny compared to what I had before.

How to revive them?  A light coat of Vaseline, or Jojoba Oil, which you can find in almost any health store.  This process take a few days, and it’s best to do before bedtime.

In the meantime, I’ll bring out my go-to mascara Big Fatty by Urban Decay. 

In the meantime, I feel vey washed out looking, so I dyed my eyebrows darker than usual so at least my eyes will be poppin’ I recommend this if you’re a blonde like me with fair skin and light eyes.

I’m venturing back into the world of Latisse for a bit to see if that product can work some magic on me.

That’s it for now!  More to come.



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