Natural Insomnia Remedies for Sleepless Nights…Sleeping CAN be fun!

Yes I have insomnia, or maybe it’s just because I drink too much caffeine, or it’s probably the combination of both.

I will say that I’m no longer drinking energy drinks-aka-Red Bull, Robust, Monster, Rockstar.  It’s a huge help, but I’m still all about my coffee.

So when I cannot doze off, I’ve recently discovered this great solution.


Doesn’t it just sound like it should be illegal?  Whenever I ask for it at The Vitamin Shoppe, they look at me as if I’m asking for narcotics, but they have it.  If I ask for it at GNC, they don’t even bother looking and say they don’t carry it and look scared.

Okay.  I’m no expert at this stuff, but it’s the magical natural ingredient that’s found in turkey.  Read more about it here.

imgres-1Pop two of these if you have major problems making your way into dreamland.  For those of you who enjoy partaking in alcoholic beverages, a capsule opened and poured into any cocktail will give you a little bit of a kick, from what I’ve been told.

Don’t get it confused with 5-HTP.

imgres-2I am NOT a scientist…but these are similar natural remedies, however 5-HTP has a few more ingredients in it with a few more warning labels that limit people taking certain medications from being able to take this natural herb.  Do not get confused with the two, they are completely different products.

IMPORTANT.  Capsules, NOT tablets.  Capsules dissolve quicker into the bloodstream, tablets take a little longer.

Other options: Sleepytime tea.

imgres-1Just look at that cute little teddy bear on it.  Have a cup, and snuggle on down.

Okay…now I shall try and sleep. More to come soon.



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