The Shining (remake) 1997…

I had no idea there was a remake of “The Shining” up until this past week.  I’ve been talking about it non-stop mainly because I had no idea it existed until I fell into a google-k-hole and randomly found it.

It’s more authentic to what Stephen King wanted, he didn’t like the Kubrick adaptation.  They are two completely totally different films.  One starring Jack Nicholson-the TV one starring Steven Weber.  They are very different.  Remember the original Poison Ivy starring Drew Barrymore?  Now remember Poison Ivy 4 starring Miriam McDonald…see what I mean?


It is a little over FOUR HOURS long. I do not recommend watching it all at once.

So I turned it on while I attempted to clean the house, and had to watch it in small doses.  I started feeling like I was staying at the hotel with those people after awhile.  I also started feeling a little crazy.

I used this as a conversation starter at my local coffee shop when the baristas asked me about my holiday season:

Person: How was your New Years?

Me: Oh, we just stayed in and watched the remake of The Shining.

Person: There’s a remake of The Shining?

Me: Yes, it’s starring Rebecca De Mornay and that guy from Wings.

Other Person: Oh my God, I have to see that.  Is it scary?

Me: No, not really, it was made for tv in 1997, so those creepy twins aren’t in it. It’s also four hours long.

Person: Oh.

Other Person: Oh…well, it’s weird, it’s like I don’t want to see it, but knowing that it exists and it’s out there makes me really want to see it.

Person: Yeah, maybe I’ll check that out later when I’m wasted or something.

Okay, so there are several ways to find this movie on the internet.  If you don’t mind Spanish subtitles, it’s on You Tube in it’s entirety.  You can also probably find it on Amazon, or ebay if you would like to own a copy for posterity.

Hopefully you’ve learned something interesting from this blog today.  That important thing being is that there’s a four hour long made for television version of The Shining.

You’re Welcome.


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