How To Remove Eyelash Extensions at Home…and get your real lashes “back to normal”…

Well today I finally made the decision to remove my eyelash extensions.  I know, I know, this is SO important.

Most people say you can not “do it yourself” but in reality you can.

My lash extensions were finally reaching the end of their glory.  I still would get compliments daily on them, but if one would look closer, you’d be able to see gaps and patches.

I see nothing wrong with eyelash extensions, I LOVE them, but it’s really good to give your real lashes a break from time to time.  Now was that time.

You need an oil based makeup remover to do this.  I prefer Almay.  Make sure it is NOT the oil free kind.  You can even use baby oil, but make sure the pad you remove it with isn’t “cottony”, it will be a little more painful and pull your lashes more.



So gently start rubbing one of the remover pads towards the base of your lash line, and they will start coming off like there’s no tomorrow!  BE CAREFUL though, and do not pull at them.  No matter how gentle you are in doing this, your eyes may look a little puffy after, and that’s only temporary!  This make take a few times to get all of the lashes off.  I waited until my were somewhat sparse before I did this.  There are a few strays that you can use a nail clipper to CAREFULLY cut off any extremely long ones (I had to because mine border on “drag” looking).

So sadly my extensions are gone and my real lashes look teeny compared to what I had before.

How to revive them?  A light coat of Vaseline, or Jojoba Oil, which you can find in almost any health store.  This process take a few days, and it’s best to do before bedtime.

In the meantime, I’ll bring out my go-to mascara Big Fatty by Urban Decay. 

In the meantime, I feel vey washed out looking, so I dyed my eyebrows darker than usual so at least my eyes will be poppin’ I recommend this if you’re a blonde like me with fair skin and light eyes.

I’m venturing back into the world of Latisse for a bit to see if that product can work some magic on me.

That’s it for now!  More to come.



A Letter To Jon Moy!

Hi Jon,

I wanted to sincerely thank you for taking the time to read my piece on The New York Observer.  It’s so great to know that you took the time to analyze what I wore and how I behaved during my shopping experience.

I am sorry that it brought back such negative memories of your relationship with that bitch/girl in law school.

I would be curious to see what results you have if you were to do the experiment yourself.  Come on Jon, do it.  DO IT.  I think you have the personality and swagger to pull it off.

As for the kitten heels, yeah, maybe that was my ultimate mistake, you called me out on it…so be it.  Basic.  I am a basic bitch, that is what I am, a basic bitch who normally shops at TJMaxx.

Thank you very much though for taking the time to send traffic to The Observer.  I appreciate it.  Keep it coming.


Randi Newton


Botox VS. Dysport…what’s the difference, and what’s better?

Would you like a Coca-Cola or a Pepsi?  Because when it comes down to it, the difference between these two products are slight.

I’m going to make this a quick one, I’m not an expert…I mean, I am at getting botulism injected into various parts of my face.


Dysport is slightly cheaper-it sets WAY faster.  If you’re going to a swank party and need to look youthful ASAP.  Have your doctor slap some Arnica on your skin (this prevents bruising).  The first time I had it done, my forehead was almost completely immobile within 24 hours.  Magical!

BUT, it seemed to have worn off faster.  I went back for Botox about six weeks later and got a nice little touch up, I didn’t need a lot since there was some Dysport still floating around.


Botox costs more, but not by much, and although it takes up to three days to settle, I believe it lasts longer.

BOTH are botulism type A proteins.  Just like Coke and Pepsi are both sodas, you may just prefer the taste and the after effects of one over the other.  It works differently on each individual based on how your body reacts to it…SO!

This is just my opinion that I’ve based on experience.  I am NOT a medical professional.

This is my informative piece of vanity news this week.  Enjoy and more to come soon.

As always I go to Fountain Medical Spa for all of my beauty treatments that involve needles, facials, etc…


Natural Insomnia Remedies for Sleepless Nights…Sleeping CAN be fun!

Yes I have insomnia, or maybe it’s just because I drink too much caffeine, or it’s probably the combination of both.

I will say that I’m no longer drinking energy drinks-aka-Red Bull, Robust, Monster, Rockstar.  It’s a huge help, but I’m still all about my coffee.

So when I cannot doze off, I’ve recently discovered this great solution.


Doesn’t it just sound like it should be illegal?  Whenever I ask for it at The Vitamin Shoppe, they look at me as if I’m asking for narcotics, but they have it.  If I ask for it at GNC, they don’t even bother looking and say they don’t carry it and look scared.

Okay.  I’m no expert at this stuff, but it’s the magical natural ingredient that’s found in turkey.  Read more about it here.

imgres-1Pop two of these if you have major problems making your way into dreamland.  For those of you who enjoy partaking in alcoholic beverages, a capsule opened and poured into any cocktail will give you a little bit of a kick, from what I’ve been told.

Don’t get it confused with 5-HTP.

imgres-2I am NOT a scientist…but these are similar natural remedies, however 5-HTP has a few more ingredients in it with a few more warning labels that limit people taking certain medications from being able to take this natural herb.  Do not get confused with the two, they are completely different products.

IMPORTANT.  Capsules, NOT tablets.  Capsules dissolve quicker into the bloodstream, tablets take a little longer.

Other options: Sleepytime tea.

imgres-1Just look at that cute little teddy bear on it.  Have a cup, and snuggle on down.

Okay…now I shall try and sleep. More to come soon.



The Bergdorf Experiment…NY Observer…

The Bergdorf Experiment: Why You Should Dress Like Crap

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Outlook on 2014…and a few awesome beauty products…

Only three days into 2014, and it’s already going really well.  Eric is STILL recovering but doing so much better.  Thanks again for all of your well-wishes.

So, I’d like to say that I’ll be blogging more in this next year…but that remains to be seen.

I’ve noticed that when people say (including myself): “I’m going to do THIS…” or “Yes I’m going to TRY and do THIS..”  they’re more likely to not actually DO the thing that say they are trying to do.  So, I have a lot of things I plan on doing this year.  I’ll let you know as soon as they’re done.

In the meantime…I want to talk about one of my favorite beauty products.  It’s been especially helpful with the cold weather.

Miracle Worker Retinoid pads by Philosophy. 



This stuff is amazing!  You pour the contents of the bottle into the container filled with the pads and they are magically transformed!

I use these about every other day followed with a moisturizer.  What moisturizer I use varies on what elements I’ll be facing that day.  If I stay indoors and I’m not running around I use Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream.  If I’m running around out and about I’m all about Dr. Perricone’s Photo Plasma moisturizer.  It’s very lightweight with some SPF in it, and adds a nice glow to your face, at night I follow that up with Dr. Perricone’s Cold Plasma .  This stuff smells HORRIBLE.  It makes up for it’s fragrance though, in how well it works.

That’s it for now…more to come soon.

The Shining (remake) 1997…

I had no idea there was a remake of “The Shining” up until this past week.  I’ve been talking about it non-stop mainly because I had no idea it existed until I fell into a google-k-hole and randomly found it.

It’s more authentic to what Stephen King wanted, he didn’t like the Kubrick adaptation.  They are two completely totally different films.  One starring Jack Nicholson-the TV one starring Steven Weber.  They are very different.  Remember the original Poison Ivy starring Drew Barrymore?  Now remember Poison Ivy 4 starring Miriam McDonald…see what I mean?


It is a little over FOUR HOURS long. I do not recommend watching it all at once.

So I turned it on while I attempted to clean the house, and had to watch it in small doses.  I started feeling like I was staying at the hotel with those people after awhile.  I also started feeling a little crazy.

I used this as a conversation starter at my local coffee shop when the baristas asked me about my holiday season:

Person: How was your New Years?

Me: Oh, we just stayed in and watched the remake of The Shining.

Person: There’s a remake of The Shining?

Me: Yes, it’s starring Rebecca De Mornay and that guy from Wings.

Other Person: Oh my God, I have to see that.  Is it scary?

Me: No, not really, it was made for tv in 1997, so those creepy twins aren’t in it. It’s also four hours long.

Person: Oh.

Other Person: Oh…well, it’s weird, it’s like I don’t want to see it, but knowing that it exists and it’s out there makes me really want to see it.

Person: Yeah, maybe I’ll check that out later when I’m wasted or something.

Okay, so there are several ways to find this movie on the internet.  If you don’t mind Spanish subtitles, it’s on You Tube in it’s entirety.  You can also probably find it on Amazon, or ebay if you would like to own a copy for posterity.

Hopefully you’ve learned something interesting from this blog today.  That important thing being is that there’s a four hour long made for television version of The Shining.

You’re Welcome.