Amazing Eyelashes for the new year at BLINGLASH…

I have blogged about Blinglash before and I will continue to do so because they are amazing and in the process of EXPANDING to two locations!

What a great way to start off the new year!

I especially love the Haiku-esque statement on their website about “Eyelash Extensions”


I mean with an outlook like this how can they NOT do amazing work!?

When you arrive you can look through a book filled with amazing styles to choose from.

This is how I roll with my lashes…I do them large and in charge:



Ask for Anna or May, they will hook you up.

Eyelash extensions do NOT ruin your real eyelashes, they are applied individually and fall out along with the course of your natural lashes as the natural lash regrows.

Eyelash extensions aren’t for everyone, but I love mine.  You have to be careful when washing your face and getting your eyes wet in general.  Mine have held up after getting facials and going to saunas (as long as it’s 48 hours after you have them applied).

They can be removed with oil based makeup remover if you do it yourself carefully, or a professional can do it for you.

I personally don’t wear mascara or eyeliner, or any makeup at all other than powder and lipgloss when I have my extensions on.  They make a pretty bold statement on their own.

That’s exactly what I had on in this picture (plus I was tan)



Okay, more to come in the New Year!


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