Here it Goes! Our First Annual Holiday “Letter” Blog Entry!

I debated sending out a mass email, card, letter…but then realized that blogging about it would just be easier.

Our first holiday in matrimony started off with a BANG on Thanksgiving!

Or more like a barf, I got food poisoning.  Eric did not because he skipped the pumpkin pie…but soonafter got food poisoning, which led to the flu, pneumonia and two magical holiday trips to the hospital! Fun!!!

Eric is MUCH better now and not in the hospital.

The bonus of this holiday season: No weight gain, in fact being sick for Thanksgiving and Christmas helped us lose a few pounds.  What a Christmas miracle after all.

Other than that really…things have been great this past year.  In the new year Eric has a lot of cool projects he’s working on.  I shall continue freelancing for the people I love to freelance for.

New Years Resolutions?

Well, I know it’s still a few days away but my goal is to keep the house cleaner and make it look like a hotel.

Go to the gym.

Stop hoarding beauty products…and I’m sure I’ll think of more.

Happy Holidays.

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