What Is Art?…Updates and etc…

Thank you and welcome to all of the recent new visitors.  Maybe you’ve found me through, twitter, youtube, etc…or The Facebook.

I’ll be uploading some more stuff this week.  For more info about who I am, check out the “about me” section which has recently been updated.

I’m a freelance journalist based in New York and Los Angeles, always looking to share interesting stories.

So…I’ll leave you with this question tonight:

What is art?  What is art to you?

I’m reaching back to some of the art I was first exposed to, which was some of Andy Warhol’s work.  My favorite uncle gave me an Andy Warhol address book, back in the days where people still wrote addresses down, rather than punching them into their smart phones.  He also gave me a series of Warhol’s Celeb Portraits.

Some people disagree with Warhol being an “artist”…which comes down to the question.

What is art?  What is art to you?

You don’t have to write back and answer, it’s just something you can think about and ask yourself.

More to come.  Stay tuned.  It’s going to be a busy week! images-1

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