Amazing Eyelashes for the new year at BLINGLASH…

I have blogged about Blinglash before and I will continue to do so because they are amazing and in the process of EXPANDING to two locations!

What a great way to start off the new year!

I especially love the Haiku-esque statement on their website about “Eyelash Extensions”


I mean with an outlook like this how can they NOT do amazing work!?

When you arrive you can look through a book filled with amazing styles to choose from.

This is how I roll with my lashes…I do them large and in charge:



Ask for Anna or May, they will hook you up.

Eyelash extensions do NOT ruin your real eyelashes, they are applied individually and fall out along with the course of your natural lashes as the natural lash regrows.

Eyelash extensions aren’t for everyone, but I love mine.  You have to be careful when washing your face and getting your eyes wet in general.  Mine have held up after getting facials and going to saunas (as long as it’s 48 hours after you have them applied).

They can be removed with oil based makeup remover if you do it yourself carefully, or a professional can do it for you.

I personally don’t wear mascara or eyeliner, or any makeup at all other than powder and lipgloss when I have my extensions on.  They make a pretty bold statement on their own.

That’s exactly what I had on in this picture (plus I was tan)



Okay, more to come in the New Year!


Here it Goes! Our First Annual Holiday “Letter” Blog Entry!

I debated sending out a mass email, card, letter…but then realized that blogging about it would just be easier.

Our first holiday in matrimony started off with a BANG on Thanksgiving!

Or more like a barf, I got food poisoning.  Eric did not because he skipped the pumpkin pie…but soonafter got food poisoning, which led to the flu, pneumonia and two magical holiday trips to the hospital! Fun!!!

Eric is MUCH better now and not in the hospital.

The bonus of this holiday season: No weight gain, in fact being sick for Thanksgiving and Christmas helped us lose a few pounds.  What a Christmas miracle after all.

Other than that really…things have been great this past year.  In the new year Eric has a lot of cool projects he’s working on.  I shall continue freelancing for the people I love to freelance for.

New Years Resolutions?

Well, I know it’s still a few days away but my goal is to keep the house cleaner and make it look like a hotel.

Go to the gym.

Stop hoarding beauty products…and I’m sure I’ll think of more.

Happy Holidays.

Awesomeness I Encountered in 2013…

2013 was a pretty good year…yes we’ve still got about a week until 2014…but I’m going to start my list of awesome NOW.  If I feel like it, I may do another list (or not).


Here’s a list of people I’d like to thank for helping this year to be AWESOME.

Eric Miclette (for obvious reasons)

Trace Lysette

Wendy, Brie, Jenawa

Jonathan and Libby

Farrah Abraham

My parents.

My dog.

James Fitzgerald

Margot Atwell

Jennifer Wright

Jotham Sedstrom

Ken Kurson

Jordyn Taylor

Ryan Watson

Rafi Kohan

and the women in Article Club…

If you’re not on this list, do not take it personally…you can send me a message and I’ll be glad to update it, or possibly do an entire entry about you.



Our Story Featured in the New York Times…

Grab a copy of The Sunday New York Times this weekend and you’ll see this really great article that Vincent Mallozzi wrote about how Eric and I met, and a few other inspiring stories as well about interesting couples.  Jess Bidgood also contributed to the story, reporting from Martha’s Vineyard.

Click on the pic below to read the story, and pick up a copy if you want at any Barnes and Noble or Starbucks in your hometown.

photoOur story was supposed to be featured in Vows a few months ago, but it kept getting pushed.  They ended up incorporating it into a piece that will hopefully be more informative and inspiring than a normal wedding announcement would be.

Here are some more pics from our special day.




What Is Art?…Updates and etc…

Thank you and welcome to all of the recent new visitors.  Maybe you’ve found me through, twitter, youtube, etc…or The Facebook.

I’ll be uploading some more stuff this week.  For more info about who I am, check out the “about me” section which has recently been updated.

I’m a freelance journalist based in New York and Los Angeles, always looking to share interesting stories.

So…I’ll leave you with this question tonight:

What is art?  What is art to you?

I’m reaching back to some of the art I was first exposed to, which was some of Andy Warhol’s work.  My favorite uncle gave me an Andy Warhol address book, back in the days where people still wrote addresses down, rather than punching them into their smart phones.  He also gave me a series of Warhol’s Celeb Portraits.

Some people disagree with Warhol being an “artist”…which comes down to the question.

What is art?  What is art to you?

You don’t have to write back and answer, it’s just something you can think about and ask yourself.

More to come.  Stay tuned.  It’s going to be a busy week! images-1