Bath and Body Works “Fragrances” and how they make me feel…

Smelling something can bring back all kinds of memories.  Sometimes, these memories aren’t the greatest.  Today that smell was a bottle of “Warm Vanilla Sugar” body fragrance from Bath and Body Works.


A. I can’t believe they still make that stuff.

B. I have a lot of bad feelings associated with “body splashes” that were manufactured by Bath and Body Works.  I wore these light fragrant sprays in my mid to late 20’s, and used them to mask the scent of puke while working a long shift at work.  These light fragrances do NOT last for long.  Men love them because it’s not a scent that rubs off on them, but it simply evaporates in the air, then you smell like vomit again and just keep spraying it.

C. I love the Bigelow line at Bath and Body Works, and some of your other products.  I do not mean to say anything bad about Bath and Body Works-your scents are FINE…I just don’t like the following that I have listed below.

D. Whenever I smell Freesia, Plumeria, Cotton Blossom, Warm Vanilla Sugar, and any of the limited edition holiday scents-the Christmas ones mainly-I just retreat into a dark, sad place.

Look at this “quartet” of despair I found online…just looking at the picture makes me feel un-easy.

Bath & Body1


I had an ex who really liked Cotton Blossom.  He bought me several bottles of the body cream, then I remember once right after some kind of silly argument I put some on.  From that moment on I forever swore I’d never use it again.

And I have not.

Then there’s Love Spell, by Victoria’s Secret.

nd.7988Men LOVE this “Fragrance Mist”…in fact, whenever someone around me has it on, I perk up, then I realize what it is that they’re wearing and immediately have mixed feelings.  Maybe because it does remind me a bit of Hawaiian Punch, and I always enjoyed drinking that growing up.

Lately I’ve been wearing Coconut Lime Breeze by Bath and Body Works.

pBBW1-11887014v600I like the simplicity of the bottle design.  No I do not own a bottle, I just borrow it constantly from a friend whenever I happen to be at her house.

I must say that I’ve graduated to Demeter Fragrances.  I love their Pina Colada.



I never actually liked the BEVERAGE of the same name, but this fun and fruity summery scent gets more compliments over any of the Body Splash/Fragrances that I’ve ever worn before.



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