Bach’s Rescue Remedy for Pets…REVIEW.

One can never see enough photos of cute dogs…I can personally never stop looking at enough photos of my OWN dog.

I encourage you all to do the same.

Just look at this lil guy. LOOK.

photoRather than dress this dude up in a ThunderShirt (which I would be willing to do FYI, if someone sent us one to test out).  We gave little Max here some Bach’s Rescue Remedy for Pets.

This stuff is all-natural, it will calm your pet on an airplane, or during a huge event where your furry friend will be around lots of people.

I’m a fan of this product because humans can take it as well…and the pet version is ALCOHOL FREE, along with these other Bach products HERE.

Other Bach’s Flower Remedies contain alcohol in them, and not everyone can partake in products with alcohol.



More excitement to come in the next few weeks!  I’m all blogged out at the moment.

I truly and sincerely thank everyone for your well wishes!



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