Homeland’s season premiere leaked a MONTH early!…by accident!

Dammit!  I should’ve written this last night, then it would’ve been breaking news.  I found a link to Homeland online to season 3’s first episode.

“What a special birthday treat!”  I thought, “I didn’t know Homeland was coming out so soon.”

Well it wasn’t supposed to!

I feel guilty because halfway through the episode, my fiance and I realized that some special effects were missing and some green screens kept popping up, not to mention one particularly fabulous faux pa shot of some camera equipment laying around in plain sight.  This was weird…so after some google investigation, we discovered that Homeland does NOT premiere until September 29th.  Although Showtime hasn’t really made any statements yet…I’m working on finding out what exactly happened.

So for those of you Time Warner customers suffering from Showtime or CBS withdrawal, there are ways to still enjoy your fave programs online, using sites such as Hulu…and other sites that you can do some google research on.

You’re welcome! The only downside, now I’ll have to wait until mid-October to see the next new epsiode.

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