Can You Help Find My Uncle Tim?

My Uncle Tim disappeared about two days ago in the Oklahoma City.  He did not take his car, or his cell phone.

Everyone is looking for him in the Oklahoma area and he really needs to come home because we miss and love him so much.



My Uncle Tim is brilliant, witty and an incredible guy.  To say my family is worried is an understatement.

Please pass this info along to anyone you may know in the Oklahoma area, it’s bordering states.

Thank you so much to everyone who has helped look for Tim over these past few days.  It has meant so much to my family.

Contact your local authorities or the Oklahoma Police Department if you have heard from him or seen him.

Oklahoma Police Department

(405) 297-1000

If you happen to read this Uncle Tim, we love you!!! Please come home!

Updates! Thanks for Coming to LDM last night everybody!!!

Even though I did not win LDM last night, it was an honor to be chosen to read with such amazing established writers.  You guys were all just super cool!

I hope I’m invited back! (hint hint Adrian! I wanna be a part of LDM Brooklyn!)

LDM Los Angeles Ep 24 Preview-2Here’s an updated flier with my name on it!  Woo hoo!

I highly recommend you all check out this one of a kind reading series, that’s very much likely coming to a town near you.

I’d also like to thank Frakie Shaw for calling me “The Literary Barbie”.  Awesome night all in all!

Check back this weekend for some totally radical updates!!!


Come See Me in Literary Death Match Los Angeles 9/24!

I’m not on this flyer, but I will be reading at LDM this week in Los Angeles and I’m very excited.  I think (hope) the audience will thoroughly enjoy what I read.

I was just asked to participate in this event early this morning.  Someone fell ill, and I was like, “Why not!?”

So the deets are below!  Come on out and say hi!

LDM Los Angeles Ep 24 Preview

Bach’s Rescue Remedy for Pets…REVIEW.

One can never see enough photos of cute dogs…I can personally never stop looking at enough photos of my OWN dog.

I encourage you all to do the same.

Just look at this lil guy. LOOK.

photoRather than dress this dude up in a ThunderShirt (which I would be willing to do FYI, if someone sent us one to test out).  We gave little Max here some Bach’s Rescue Remedy for Pets.

This stuff is all-natural, it will calm your pet on an airplane, or during a huge event where your furry friend will be around lots of people.

I’m a fan of this product because humans can take it as well…and the pet version is ALCOHOL FREE, along with these other Bach products HERE.

Other Bach’s Flower Remedies contain alcohol in them, and not everyone can partake in products with alcohol.



More excitement to come in the next few weeks!  I’m all blogged out at the moment.

I truly and sincerely thank everyone for your well wishes!



iChill Review….NOT for everyone to try!

So I’m always on the lookout for natural sleep aids.  A word to wise: If something is 50% off, and it’s supposedly EDIBLE or drinkable….question it.

I should have.

So I buy a jumbo bottle of iChill at Duane Reade.  It’s on sale for half off and I’m thinking this is an awesome deal because Dream Water is $3.49 a bottle and it’s teeny tiny, and iChill has a super size bottle.  Half off it’s $4.00.  So I buy TWO of them, assuming that I’ll like it.

I go home and take the recommended dosage at bedtime.  I’m not super fond of the taste, I get a headache, which is annoying, but I decide to lay down and I fall asleep.

I wake up around 2:30 am.  I can’t sleep, so I take a little more.  Within ten minutes my skin is on FIRE.  My face is bright red.  I pop two Benadryls, and then google iChill, and I find out that I’m not the ONLY person who’s had this reaction.

I also discover that one woman had this reaction after she had taken iChill a few times.

WHY does this happen?  Well, I thought it was because maybe there may have been too much magnesium in the product, but then I do some research, and there’s not any in it.

This is what you get for buying something HALF off.

I’m not slamming iChill.  I think their product must work well for some people.  I don’t think it’s a great idea to have an economy size bottle, because that makes it easy to take more than you should.

On the bright side, I DID fall asleep and had the most amazingly vivid dream about Lady Gaga.  I’m not a huge Gaga fan, but the dream was so vivid, she was helping me plan our wedding and was going to perform at it…I mean, I never considered her to perform at our wedding…but I wouldn’t turn that down.


Homeland’s season premiere leaked a MONTH early!…by accident!

Dammit!  I should’ve written this last night, then it would’ve been breaking news.  I found a link to Homeland online to season 3’s first episode.

“What a special birthday treat!”  I thought, “I didn’t know Homeland was coming out so soon.”

Well it wasn’t supposed to!

I feel guilty because halfway through the episode, my fiance and I realized that some special effects were missing and some green screens kept popping up, not to mention one particularly fabulous faux pa shot of some camera equipment laying around in plain sight.  This was weird…so after some google investigation, we discovered that Homeland does NOT premiere until September 29th.  Although Showtime hasn’t really made any statements yet…I’m working on finding out what exactly happened.

So for those of you Time Warner customers suffering from Showtime or CBS withdrawal, there are ways to still enjoy your fave programs online, using sites such as Hulu…and other sites that you can do some google research on.

You’re welcome! The only downside, now I’ll have to wait until mid-October to see the next new epsiode.