The All or Nothing Diet…

So the big day is in about two weeks and I’m moderately stressed, or maybe more stressed than I’ve realized.

I am especially tired today and a bit sad.  I blame this on a new diet program I’ve created.  I like to call it the “All or Nothing” diet.

Keep in mind, I am an expert about many things…but I am NOT a health expert.  Don’t get me wrong, I lead a healthy lifestyle in many ways-I don’t smoke, drink alcohol, do drugs, etc…yes, I have a problem with drinking too much sugar free Red Bull, but even vanity has curbed my interest in that recently.

Basically what I’m saying is that the diet I am partaking in, isn’t healthy AT ALL.  (Unless you stick to a certain part of it)\

All or Nothing:

One day I wanted chocolate, so all I ate that day was chocolate and coffee.  The next day I woke up feeling kind of sick, but I looked slimmer.  I then had a salad and ate healthy for the remainder of the day.

So you can have ALL the chocolate or candy you want, and NOTHING else.  Or eat healthy and not have any crap at all.

My head hurts…today I’ve had a non-fat latte, protein bar, and half a jar of almond butter.  So I could go either way:  I think I’ll opt for a salad.

This is NOT a diet I’d recommend, just an experiment I’m trying.

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