Married in (Less Than) A Month…Diet Time…

I did a test run and put on my wedding dress when Eric wasn’t around today.  I put on my shoes, dress, and attempted to see how the clutch I purchased looked with it all…I may be returning my clutch, I may not carry one at all.  What do you really need to tote around in a wedding clutch?  I know I won’t be bringing my phone with me or status updating.

Every time I’ve tried on the dress, I like it more and more, except today I had a little meltdown and worried that it was too tight.  What does this mean?

No carbs.

No starchy carbs, I shouldn’t of had those two donuts for dinner last night but they were seriously ALL that was available in the house. I had a gluten-free cookie today and some plantain chips, along with some coffee.  I’ll have a smoothie later, and now I’m wearing a corset for the next four hours in hopes that something magical will happen.

I remember before my high school reunion, I put on a dress and showed my mom, and we agreed it was perfect…then I went on a carbohydrate overload, I put the same dress on two days later and my mom and I were horrified.  We couldn’t even zip the dress up.  I swear I’m like a white Oprah with my weight.

So here’s to drinking a lot of water and not eating ANY bread for the next 2 1/2 weeks.



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