Married in (Less Than) A Month…Registry made easy and fun!

“Where are you registered?”

Well now I can tell you where!  It’s actually pretty cool.  I never thought about using for registry, you can really find just about anything on that site….but one of the coolest options about it, is this little thing you can add to your toolbar, that lets you put anything on your Amazon wishlist or wedding registry that you want from ANY other website!

Here’s a screenshot, if you happen to want a blog entry from me as a “Wish” or wedding gift:

AIt doesn’t matter what website you go to!  (Although a blog post from me as a gift is price negotiable)

I’ve already registered us for a “Towel Warmer”.  Seriously, I’ve always kind of wanted one.  We also registered for some Fiestaware, and some other interesting things.

We also want Queen sized sheets…may I suggest to everyone out there who wants nice sheets, go to TjMaxx or Marshall’s…some of the same ones I saw on Amazon for over $100, were HALF that price in those stores.

Okay, that’s my helpful info for today…feel free to browse our registry here, we’re going to add some more stuff to it:


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