Married (In Less Than) A Month…Questionable Bridezilla Behavior…

Hello.  Anyone who blogs about how excited they are about their wedding must be self-absorbed.  Am I self-absorbed, well…at least I can admit I am, and I’m not only self-absorbed, but absorbed with the person I am marrying so that’s a good thing.

Okay!  If you’re still reading, thanks.

The Knot has a guide here on how to plan your wedding in 30 days.

The Knot also says to make sure that you ask members of your bridal party about themselves and what they are up to.  Just because I’m thinking about this big day non-stop, doesn’t mean that everyone else is.  People have lives!  I feel bad because I texted my “man of honor” today and asked him to wear a tiger shirt to the ceremony (I was halfway kidding) and I completely forgot it was his birthday…I thought it was tomorrow…but still.  I feel like a horrible person.

With this said, I am taking some generic theraflu and indulging in a power nap.


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