Married (In Less Than) A Month…How to save money on wedding hair.

So usually around this time of the year, I attend the ED Expo in Vegas…however rather than attend this fun convention for a fifth time, I am now wondering what to do with my hair.  I have a pretty good idea of what’s happening with it…BUT if you’re conflicted about your hair, allow me to give you some ideas.

Buy one of these if you’re considering a bun and play around with it…they actually work.



You can buy these at TJMaxx as well, for around $5.00.  A different brand, but they all do the exact same thing.


Still conflicted on what to do about your hair? Let me recommend Dry Bar, with the highest compliments!  They do Blow Outs and Updo’s, and they can even host your bridal shower, or Bachelorette party.   They have locations pretty much nationwide, and their customer service is impeccable.  Their service is consistent, and if you aren’t happy they’ll do everything in their power to turn things around.  They even make house calls.

ALSO…don’t be a bitch to your bridesmaids ladies!!!!  Don’t force someone to wear an updo if they don’t want to, or some kind of hideous dress…when planning a wedding remember, what goes around comes around.  Don’t be that Bridezilla.  On that note, I don’t really have any “bridesmaids” because I honestly just didn’t know who to ask.  My sister (in her late 20’s) is probably going to be the Flower Girl.  A grown woman as a flower girl?  It’s our day…we can do whatever we want.

Remember, weddings are fun and all, but kind of stressful to plan-even if you have more than a month to do so-just don’t lose sight of what’s really important:  Your life AFTER the big day, it’s just one day and it’s important and all, but not nearly as important as every day afterwards..(okay…now this is getting too cheesy).

Until next time!

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