Married in (Less Than) A Month…How to avoid annoying vendors and save money and energy…

I am totally excited about getting married.  I can’t imagine how someone planning a really big wedding would be figuring this all out.  It’s not difficult, as much as it is just figuring out what goes where, and I think I need to rent a van and buy some cupcakes.  This is somewhat stressful, and consuming…so I am blogging about it.

I have the dress picked out, ready to wear-Narciso Rodriguez, from Bergdorf Goodman’s.

I went with a good friend to Bergdorf’s to the wedding salon, and we were told that they had nothing “ready to wear”.  For a wedding you need anywhere between three to six months to pick out something that will be custom made-I’m not really into spending a million dollars on a dress, and obviously our wedding is next month, so I was lucky to have a friend with me who has impeccable taste, and helped me pick out the perfect dress on a different floor.  If I wanted to I could easily wear the dress again..(if I was invited to some fancy Hollywood party in the future…)

I went to David’s Bridal awhile ago to try on dresses, they make you fill out a ton of paperwork just to try stuff on.  I went back this weekend, and I said, “I just want to look around at your veils for a friend of mine who’s getting married.”  So I did and I found this overpriced thing.

BR7BhsmCEAESLejSeriously?  $128 for THAT?  No thanks.  Note: Avoid annoying salespeople at David’s Bridal by saying you’re not the bride.  Also, just avoid David’s Bridal altogether.

Also when making reservations for dinner parties at restaurants and hotels and trying to get a block of rooms or a good deal, do not say you’re coming in for a “Wedding Party”…say you’re coming in for a “Family Reunion”.  Why?  Because once you put the word “Wedding” in front of something, the price jumps up, and some businesses take that opportunity to add some kind of surcharge to whatever it is that you’re buying.

A note to our guests: Unless I’ve told you otherwise, the block of rooms is FULL for the “Family Reunion”…get on it with picking your hotel out.  I will send you options.




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