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Melissa Meister Of ‘Pregnant And Dating’ Tells Mommyish Why Pregnancy Made Her A ‘Dater’

Melissa Meister With Pregnant and Dating wrapping up a couple of weekends ago, I am now going through reality TV withdrawals.  What do I watch next?   But the real question is, how are the ladies of Pregnant and Dating adjusting to the new little ones in their lives? I was delighted to speak with Melissa Meister, celebrity stylist, costume designer, and now mom to baby boy Arrow Meister!

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I know I’m late in discovering the Sofia Vergara line at Kmart…

But really…so what.  Now that I have, most of the stuff is on clearance now.  It makes me feel less guilty about binge shopping.

One of my favorite things about this line is that a medium is too big, and a small is just right and makes you feel busty-er and skinny.


Check out her line


I’m pleasantly surprised by the quality of the dresses I’ve purchased.  I’ve only worn them a few times…so we shall see how they hold up.

KMART This shirred mesh dress is awesome and does a great job of hiding any bloating you have going on.