Ready, Set, GOAL….and the Lululemon Athletica Manifesto…

So I’ve been sick in bed all week and a million things have gone through my head.  I started to panic and worried that I might need to get an additional day job.  For some reason in my cold medicated state of mind I thought that going to apply at Lululemon Athletica would be a good idea.  Why?  A discount, but then I thought that going undercover and infiltrating the store might make for an interesting expose for a women’s magazine.  It could also get me either brainwashed or in a lot of trouble, and completely get me off my path of things I must accomplish in the next 6 months that are time sensitive.  So rather than apply for a job at a retail store that I’d most likely be fired from, because I’ve never been good with retail and I get a little sassy.  I decided to write out a list of goals.  I shared this on Twitter, and look who contacted me.



Oh Lululemon…! LOL.

Anyway.  Here’s a copy of the Lululemon Manifesto.  Really good advice, and seriously.  Write out FIVE goals for yourself that you want to accomplish in the next year.  That’s your homework for today.



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