Fun With The Master Cleanse! Yay! Fun!

A lot of people I know have recently started the Master Cleanse.  Good for them.  I honestly do not know how you do it!

I have attempted this cleanse multiple times, along with various juice diets, and it’s just not for me.  I still do have this pre-mix stuff in my kitchen though if I’m ever feeling like I want to give it a go.



I have been ill all week with something that Eric and I have called the “Digifest Virus”-most likely from that event at Terminal 5 a few weeks ago.  Crazy kids!

So!…Being sick has been a great jumpstart to my diet.  I’ve mainly been having cookies, soup and generic Theraflu throughout the day.  To my friends on the Master Cleanse, and those who are REALLY interested in learning more about it, go here.

My suggestions for making the Master Cleanse fun?

Here are my suggestions (NOTE: These may not work with the “rules” of the cleanse, but they certainly can’t hurt)

Master Cleanse Jello!

Add pre made Vibrant Cleanse powder to a packet of plain gelatin!=Pure YUM!  And awesome for hair, skin, and nails!



Are you a drinker?  You can sub the water for a lil shot of vodka.



Or throw a bunch of ice in a blender and make a frothy smoothie!

Frame 649


Detoxifying has never been so much fun!

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