My Attempt At The Paleo Lifestyle…

Well…I’ve come to the conclusion that the Paleo diet reminds me a lot of when I tried the Atkins diet.  Except that you can’t melt cheese all over everything and douse it in sour cream.

HERE is some info about Paleo eating.



I followed the diet pretty much up until 10:00pm tonight.  That’s when I had a jumbo peppermint patty and a chocolate bar.  This was AFTER I had a very healthy spinach salad with oil and vinegar dressing (although I’m not sure if cavemen had access to vinegar)  Oh yeah, and I had a pint of Artic Zone ice cream…it was only 150 calories and gluten free.  I know cavemen didn’t have access to ice cream either…so it looks like I failed at my attempt to start this lifestyle change, at least for today.

I have decided that I will not give up coffee.  No matter what.  Any diet that doesn’t allow you coffee is cruel.

These are my thoughts for today.

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