How to Dress For Traveling….(Learn from my horrific mistakes)

Go ahead and judge me for what I wore inflight yesterday.  I was immediately aware as I dressed for the airport that I had made an epic mistake in packing.  Also, I beg of you, to appreciate the fact that I am willing to share my mistakes with everyone so you won’t make the same ones.  So let’s go ahead and get started!

603748_10151366643501367_1436395435_n-1Yeah…I know.  I had my sister take this picture.  I look rough.  Let me tell you, each item I wore would’ve worked great if they had actually MATCHED.

There’s nothing wrong with animal prints at all.  In fact, my friend Katie has an excellent blog entry about how to properly use them.

When traveling, I’m all about being comfortable and looking good (other than the faux paus above).

Broken down this is what had with me.

A Le Sports Sac Weekender Bag.

images-4This one to be exact.  When traveling, a bright bag like this may help you when waiting for your checked luggage, as you can see it from a mile away.  If you’re carrying it on like I did though.  Don’t wear anything but solid colors.  Better bet, wear all black.


A cardigan that’s wearable anytime of year.

It gets a little cold on the plane no matter what time of year.  I brought one, in leopard, next time I’ll bring one that’s a solid color.



I do not understand women who feel the need to wear high heels on the airplane, unless they’re flight attendants.  Whenever I travel, I want to get in and out of the security line asap, I also want to wear appropriate shoes in case the plane makes an emergency landing. (I know it sounds odd…but you never know)

I love Crocs.  Seriously.  Not ALL Crocs, but some of the ones they make now don’t even look like those horrific clompy shoes that we’ve come to associate Crocs with.

crocsYes, those are Crocs I’m wearing.  Super comfy, true to size.  I got several compliments on them, even though they did not match my outfit.  They are also easy to run in, in case the airplane makes an emergency landing.

The best dressed person on the plane?  This baby.


I mean, look at those shoes!  Denim, paired with a cute two tone pink shirts.  This baby, by far, was the best dressed person on the whole plane.




We All Want To Be Loved…

Even this sad Valentine’s Day teddy bear that obviously came from the new neighbors next door, little Bobby got in trouble.  Mommy threw big bear away:

12:00 this afternoon:


1:00 am.


I’ll post details about it’s whereabouts in the morning.

Hell no I’m not bringing this bear inside.  It could be possessed.

Candy Crush Saga, and have taken over my life…and probably yours too.

I just wanted to write this blog to thank all of my Facebook friends who have taken the time and effort to send me lives on Candy Crush Saga.

If I haven’t sent you a life yet, and you need one, by all means contact me.

The TRUE meaning of this blog entry.

Damn you  DAMN YOU.

This nifty little gaming company is f’ing brilliant, and valued at over five million dollars.  I’m waiting for it to go public so I can invest.

I don’t consider myself a “gamer girl”.  Thanks to my smartphone, waiting for the traffic to move on the 405, or waiting for the subway, I’m constantly killing time (and precious brain cells) by playing.  EVERY TIME I get on the subway in New York.  Literally EVERY TIME, at least THREE people around me are playing Candy Crush Saga. Seriously.

The kind of cool thing about playing this, is that I really feel that everyone is making such a community effort to help each other by sharing lives  so no one has to shell out a dollar to obsessively continue a failed level.  Once you get tired of that level, it’s totally fine because you can play it’s creepy sister game Bubble Witch Saga.  Far more intense and it involves acquiring coins and magical potions.  One potion valued at $89.00 (no I did not purchase that).

It makes me happy to send lives to people I went to high school with that I never got to know very well back then. (Kjirsten, by far you are the most reliable life giver out there!)  A girl that refused to give me a ride home one day (okay this was over 20 years ago but it still made me a little sad) simply because she did not want to, started sending me requests for lives…let bygones be bygones!  Now we exchange lives daily.  All is forgiven!  We’re all in this game together you guys!!! Teamwork!!

Today I had coffee with a friend and we spent a good 20 minutes seriously discussing Bubble Witch Saga.  It looks a little scary.


We started talking about magical potions, “Arcane Bubbles”, “Doom Bubbles”, and we realized that we were two grown women seriously talking about video games.  We were being kind of loud…but everyone else in the coffee shop probably, sadly, knew what we were talking about.  Then we traded phones and attempted to help each other beat levels we were stuck on.  No luck.  It was truly a great effort though.


The least I can do is offer this piece of advice to my fellow gamers out there:


Cheats on Candy Crush Saga 

Happy playing!