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Yes, all of your dreams have come true.  I am now going to have a monthly advice column on a website to be announced shortly.


You can ask me for advice on anything relating to sex, love, dating, and feel free to ask about anything else.

So!  Ask away!  You can leave your questions in the comment section below.  They will NOT be revealed publicly on this site, nor will your name or personal details, unless you want them to.

NyQuil Was My Gateway Drug…on THE FIX.COM

There’s a reason they call it robo-tripping. I’m now eight years clean of the syrup.

Not The Typical Marilyn Monroe Beauty Tip Blog Entry…

Every woman I know out there owns at least one or two Marilyn Monroe items.  I have a coffee mug of her holding a guitar that I bought at TJMaxx for $3.00 and I’ve had a few Marilyn Monroe calendars.  I’m not a crazy huge fan of hers.  I cannot recite lines from her films, I haven’t seen all of them.  She has inspired some beauty trends that are timeless.  Here’s a pic that we’ve all seen.


What I get from this pic-Defined brows which make her eyes “pop”.  If you’re a blonde, you can avoid looking too washed out by having a darker brow.





My secret to achieving a dark brow?  Yep.  Just for Men Mustache and Beard.  Make sure you get the kind that comes with MULTIPLE applications.  Two little tubes that will last you for weeks, apply with a Q-tip….wait 15 minutes and voila!

Here is a pic of my sleepy eye-no make-up on yet, but freshly done brows.



Top this off with Physicians Formula Liquid Liner:



It goes on like a Sharpie and also nourishes your lashes at the same time.


CK One Mascara

imgres-6Which has this totally cool retractable brush thingy in it that let’s you decide how wild and dramatic you want your eyes to look.

To top it off.  The PERFECT red lipstick, Also CK One, called Little Liar:



This red looks good on ANYONE…note the liner below, a kohl double sided pencil with a black “beat it” and a dark blue “rock out” can also be used for a funtastic look as well.

This Red also lasts for HOURS.  Very important!  I can apply and wear, and 8 hours later it STILL looks good, and no, I’m not getting paid to say this.  CK One really has come up with an amazing product.

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More later.



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