Phone Sex…the real deal…

Yes, and something else you may or may have not known about me…now you do.

It’s not all candy and roses though (as if it would be).

In college, I decided to take on a full-time job as a phone sex operator.  This was something that seemed like a great idea at the time.  I could easily work out of my dorm room, as long as my roommates didn’t hear me, which was the agreement when I took the position.  Although I know they secretly enjoyed it.

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How To Stop Drinking Alcohol…

I’m posting this entry because a lot of people ask me, “How do you stop drinking alcohol?”  If I had a dollar for every time someone asked me this, I’d be filthy rich.

The answer is simple (yet, in certain situations can be complicated which I’ll get to*)

You just stop.  You just do it.

Augusten Burroughs most recent book, This Is How , he broaches this very topic.  Along with all kinds of interesting little gems of advice about how to do stuff.


Okay…I don’t want to make this a really long preachy entry, but basically if you really want to accomplish something, it’s not going to be easy, but the concept of “Just stopping.” (easier said than done, but totally doable), pretty much has to do with how badly you want to make changes in your life.

If you don’t want to drink, don’t tell all of your partying drinking friends that you want to stop drinking because they’ll most likely peer pressure you into having “just one” drink…which usually turns out to be a shit show of intoxication.

Ever heard the saying “If you walk into a barbershop, you’re bound to get a haircut.”?…Same thing with going into a bar-WHY would you go bar hopping with friends and put yourself in a situation that’s bound for disaster.  There’s the exception to the rule of course…but seriously.  Stop making excuses.  If you really want to stop drinking, you’ll stop when you’re ready.

You have to make adjustments in your life, even if it means going out of your way by not walking in front of that liquor store or bar that is right by your apartment.

If you have a serious drinking problem, you’ll know. Believe me, you will know.  You may be in denial about it, but that little voice in the back of your head will nag at you.  You don’t have to tell anyone except yourself that you have a problem, until you’re ready.  Then of course, people will be like, “Oh I knew you had a problem!  I’m glad you’re better now.”  It’s annoying, but they always have the best of intentions.

Never try to detox from alcohol ALONE AT HOME if you are physically addicted.  You could die.  I’m serious.  Read about it here.    (That’s what I mean by the *statement)  It’s not like quitting smoking cold turkey.

If you have at least three of the signs that Oprah says that makes one an alcoholic, you definitely have a problem.  Alcohol does something incredibly terrifying to the brain and chemicals in it, my shrink once warned me one could get Wet Brain from too much boozing.  That is not a fun thing to get.  If you don’t believe me, perhaps you’ll listen to Oprah.

Again, it’s easier said than done.  That’s my piece for today.  Feel free to write with your thoughts , questions, opinions on this.

We Have Black Mold! So we’re off to Atlantic City!!!

Eric specifically me told to NOT google black mold, (you can read about the amazing benefits it can cause on your body by clicking that link!) so course I did!!

Wow, and…uh oh.

The landlady was kind enough to immediately send a crew in to take care of the situation AND repaint our walls at the same time.  The only issue was, “Where do we go while this is happening, and what do we do with our pets?”

A decent hotel in Manhattan, with a private bathroom, was about $150 and up to a billion dollars a night.  Good God.  We could stay at a hotel by the airport for $50 a night, only to be stranded there with no simple way to get into the city.  So after some research, we discovered that Atlantic City had hotel rooms for $27 a night! WOW.  Round trip bus tickets for TWO-$30!!! (after they give you about $50 in credit once you arrive to the casino, which we immediately LOST, but it was sure fun!)

Now this may sound like a great idea and all, and it is if you get a casino rewards card at the destination you decide to stay at.  You get discounts on everything from water to newspapers and the points rack up, then you put the card in whatever slot machine you become glued to and win special prizes from that too.

Then all of the hidden charges come flying up and that’s when it gets annoying.

To use the gym it is $20 a DAY. (yes I went to the gym in Atlantic City) then immediately went into HALT and ate a bag of potato chips…but it’s all okay now.

“I don’t understand how it’s more expensive here to NOT drink.” I said this to the gym receptionist.  “I gamble but I don’t drink alcohol so how come the gym can’t make up for that perk I’m not taking advantage of?”  Oh chuckle!  I signed the $20 onto my room.

Wifi, $12.99 a day…but again, as long as I have my casino rewards card, and eventually after I spend hundreds of thousands of dollars they shall reward me with a free buffet or something magical like that.  Then it will all be worth it.

Other than that, despite the rain it’s quite lovely here.  There was a fire at the Starbucks in the mall we were supposed to go to today, but hopefully no one was hurt and it will be open tomorrow.

Right now Atlantic City looks about this festive, minus the sunshine...but it's looking great since after Hurricane Sandy.

Right now Atlantic City looks about this festive, minus the sunshine…but it’s looking great since after Hurricane Sandy.



Latest article on THE GLOSS…

The Client List premieres this Sunday!  I am SO excited I wrote about it for The Gloss.

I was starting to worry that The Client List wasn’t going to be picked up for another season. Thank God I was proved wrong! It premieres Sunday, March 10th and I couldn’t be more excited! Ads have been popping up in New York and Los Angeles. My most favorite one is this billboard on Sunset Boulevard….

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Can I just say this book by totally awesome Tom Folsom is off the hook!


How can you go wrong with Dennis Hopper, ultimate badass.

Anyhoo, it was lovely meeting you all.  Here’s some of my writing, click on the pic below.


BREAKING NEWS…David Copperfield, Master Of Illusion Makes Emergency Landing in Peoria, IL!

Master illusionist, David Copperfield was on his way to New York from Vegas getting ready to host his first “Magic Monday” on the Today show!  Suddenly something happened, and Copperfield tweeted “Emergency Landing” leaving millions of fans on social media sites in a frenzy.

Copperfield soon after tweeted, letting his fans know that they had landed in Peoria, IL.

davidWe’re glad you’re okay David!!  Hopefully you’ll make it just in time for Magic Monday and more details to come.