Why You Should Vote For Kristen Johnston to Get a Shorty Award…

I first crossed paths with Kristen at a party at Marc Shaiman and Scott Wittman’s New York apartment, maybe…oh dear God, like at least 10 years ago if not longer.


She walked in and I remember being like, “Wow…there’s that actress, I’m intimidated.  She’s gorgeous.  I’m scared.” and of course I didn’t talk to her.  I really didn’t talk to anyone.  I was a tagalong at that party with some friends who were in Hairspray, and felt a bit out of place amongst the theatre crowd.  The only kind of stage work I was doing involved a stripper pole…so yeah, I felt a little awkward.

So several years go by, and I was extremely honored when Kristen commented on a piece I wrote for The Fix.  Then I read her book “Guts” and I was especially impressed with her writing so openly and honestly about her experience with addiction and recovery.  It’s not easy putting yourself out there in life, period…but on paper.  She’s quite a gal!

We’ve exchanged a few tweets back and forth since, and I admire her for being so open and responding to her followers and fans.

So if you do anything today, PLEASE vote for Kristen HERE so she can win a Shorty Award.  You only need to do it ONCE from your computer.  Follow the instructions, her username is on Twitter.

It’s really rare to meet people who are so accessible, open and willing to talk about addiction and recovery…especially when that person is a prominent public figure, and they use those “special fame powers” to reach out to others and try to help make a difference out there in the big bad world.


Okay!  More to come…stay tuned.

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