A Dead Of Winter Post…Theraflu lovers, listen up!

It is so cold that my brain cannot really function properly.  I haven’t been able to think of much to write.

Since a lot of people come here for news about Yasmine Bleeth, Theraflu and ZZZQuil (according to my visitor statistics) I have news about almost all of those things!

Yasmine Bleeth is working on a new film called Beautiful Evil! I can’t wait!!

Do you miss Theraflu?  I’ve been able to find it at the Dollar Tree, but the generic version of it that CVS makes simply KICKS ASS!  It’s honey lemon flavor and will knock you and your cold right out into dreamland!




Other than that, please remember to not take ZZZQuil or NyQuil if you have alcohol addiction issues, or if you’re on Antabuse.

Other than this information, I think the creative part of my brain is slowly thawing out and I should have some interesting stuff up soon.


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