There She Is…Miss America 2013…

I’m really hoping to catch the pageant online this year, even if it’s after it’s over.  I do not have access to a have television right now.

Things have changed since I did pageants, which seems like a million years ago at this point.  Only one piece swimsuits were allowed, and they were super expensive and you couldn’t even swim in them.  Now Catalina, which is exclusively available at Wal Mart , is where you can buy a competition suit.

Amway also is a sponsor.  It’s good to know that these girls can have a career path to follow once the pageant is said and done selling all kinds of things out of the comfort of their own home.

It’s not too late to order your very own Miss America Flash Drive:



Yes, you can have your own crown flash drive for $19.99.

Being a former pageant competitor I will tell you one thing.  Losing a pageant can be pretty upsetting.  I have a feeling that there’s going to be a lot of underage drinking in Vegas tonight, tears, gambling, binge eating (since everyone is usually on some mad crash diet before the pageant)…and some massive hangovers in tomorrow morning.


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